Join The Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society in Austin, TX Feb. 19th - 22nd , 2014 to celebrate its 50th Annual Meeting!

A Jubilee Celebration, 2014-2015. This year is reflective. Next year is predictive.


The theme of our 50th Annual Conference in Austin is "The First 50 Years of Wildlife Management - Struggles and Achievements."

Our members of the Texas Chapter have been in the forefront of developing the early discipline of wildlife management - both at the state and national levels. The Texas Chapter is the largest, most dynamic chapter within The Widlife Society.  We have many leaders who have achieved national and international distinction, and forged significant change in the wildlife science, management, and policy. This list includes our special guests for the conference.

An outstanding panel of plenary speakers will discuss the early formation of wildlife management in Texas and North America. The Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife, Carter Smith, will discuss past achievements and current struggles within Texas. The second speaker is the immediate past national president of TWS, Dr. Wini Kessler of British Columbia. She will cover the development of our professional society at the national level over the past several decades. Dr. Kessler performed her doctoral research on Attwater's prairie chickens at Texas A&M University during the 1970s, and finished her presidency of te National Wildlife Society this past October.

The final plenary speaker will be Dr. Jack Ward Thomas of Montana. Dr. Thomas has served in many distinguished roles over a long and productive career, including former Chief of the U.S. Forest Service. Dr. Thomas was the second president of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society from 1966-67. His recollection of the early Texas Chapter will be valuable.

This meeting in Austin will begin the Jubilee Celebration - a year long recognition of the importance of the Texas Chapter, and will conclude with the 51st Annual Conference in Corpus Christi during February 2015. The theme of the 2015 conference will be "The Next 50 Years of Wildlife Management - Challenges and Opportunities." During the latter conference, we will dust off the crystal ball and attempt to anticipate what the future holds for our members. As part of the Jubilee Celebration, there will be several poster boards that chronicle the people, events, and awards from the first half century of the Texas Chapter. We encourage your attendance to this special conference.

The Jubilee Celebration, 2014-2015. The first year is reflective. The next year is predictive.

Program Co-Chairs,

Nova Silvy and Michael Tewes


Join us at: The Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capital located on East 11th St

We also welcome our Chapter members to become Sponsors, Vendors/Exhibitors, or donate items to this year's Raffle & Silent Auction.

**The Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society's January 2014 Newsletter is now available on their website HERE. Inside contains a little information about this year's meeting, those responsible for its planning, and its workshops.